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Huni Kuin Beaded Bracelets Black / Red / White & Yellow

Huni Kuin Beaded Bracelets Black / Red / White & Yellow

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Beaded bracelet hand made by the Huni Kuin Tribe - traditional Brazilian Indigenous Tribe located in the heart of the Amazon in Brazil.

Made with love piece by piece, inspired & created as a form of expression of their message, their spirit & their healing.

The spirit of the jungle is expressed in the arts that they make. 

Each piece that you buy you are supporting our native family who do not receive enough resources from the government. They live with the energy exchange that they receive from their arts & jewelry!

These bracelets were created with high quality pieces & very strong material (missanga beads). Handmade with much love & power. You will surely feel their energy bringing healing & love for your life!

Much gratitude for your support!

One Love

Haux hauxxxx ♥️

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