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Força Feminina - Yawanawa Tribe

Força Feminina - Yawanawa Tribe

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This hapé is the "Força Feminina", feminine strength, from the ashes of the mulungu tree and very strong Mói tobacco.
This medicine comes from the Yawanawá ethnic group and brings great cleaning, healing and protection power.
Yawanawa rapé is one of the most popular, known and famous Rapé due to the increasing production of this medicine, and sharing through international meetings over the Yawanawa territory, and spiritual & medicine retreats realized in other countries.

The Yawanawa woman natives make this Yawanawa rapé blend , over the years more women started to make and use rapé, due to the increasing visits done by travelers and so, the Yawanawa native women started to sell more rapé to them!


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