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Parica - Rapeh

Parica - Rapeh

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Rapè Parica 10g

Rapè ( pronounced Ha-peh or Rapay ) is a sacred plant medicine used in spiritual practices by indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

This fine powder gets blown into the nose using either a tepi or a kuripe. The tepi is used when someone applies it on someone else & a kuripe is a self applicator.

Rapè can help you in the following ways:

⁃ Detoxes body & mind & clears energetic field.

⁃ Clears bad energy

⁃ Provides a calming grounding effect on emotions.

⁃ Clears sinuses of mucus & bacteria thereby helping to combat colds & respiratory illnesses

⁃ Helps to focus & sharpen the mind

⁃ Helps with intention setting

There are many different types of Rapè & they all have a specific purpose.

Our Rapè Parica comes from the Noke Kuin indigenous community of Acre, Brazil.

It’s a mix of Organic Tabaco &

ash from the Parica tree (Anadanthera peregrina) not to be confused with the Yopo snuff that is sometimes also known as parica.

Rapè Parica is known for being a strong Rapè. It is extremely high vibrational. Energetic yet grounding. It promotes physical & energetic cleansing. Activating clarity in the mind & a sense of presence.

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