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Vashawa - Rapeh

Vashawa - Rapeh

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VASHAWÁ: This hapé is often used and made by the Katukina people.
This medicine has great power of awakening and liberation. This medicine is usually used in ceremonies by the healers and shamans, more precisely in ayahuasca ceremonies.

Vashawa means the Serpent in Katukinas language, and the serpent is the most sacred animal for them.

For the serpent is the guardian of the ayahuasca secrets and magic. The sacred serpent comes to us when we take ayahuasca and it takes us to higher astral planes, for us to enter in contact with our inner and higher selves, to recieve guidance and support from these great spirits we meet in the medicine process.

The serpent is a spirit guide, she possesses a inate knowledge of survivor and growth and protection. When we recieve the vashawá hapé, we may feel the medicine power(spiritual energy of the native people and forest) giving us good and useful advice or suggestions.

This medicine is very strong, as the katukinas are used to it. This medicine is great for healing self-esteem and depression because it helps us center ourselves in our present moment, and observe with more details and attention, who are we and what are we doing with our lives. In this process, we understand how to be ourselves more and we understand how let go of our lower-self judgement. That is why this medicine is good for liberation and awakening.

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Paloma Brizack
Much Gratitude!

I recently had the profound pleasure of experiencing SunSoul’s sacred offerings, and I must say, it was a transformative journey. From the potent Rapeh to the intricately crafted Kuripes and Tepis, each product has it authenticity and reverence for ancient traditions.

The Rapeh, in particular, is of exceptional quality, meticulously sourced and prepared to honor its traditional uses. The Kuripes and Tepis are beautifully crafted, making the application of these sacred medicines both practical and ceremonial.

What truly sets SunSoul apart is their commitment to integrity and sustainability. Knowing that these products are ethically sourced adds an extra layer of reverence to the experience. And let’s not forget the Cacao Medicine, a deliciously potent elixir that opens the heart and uplifts the spirit.

In summary, SunSoul is more than just a purveyor of sacred medicines; it’s a gateway to ancient wisdom and healing. I wholeheartedly recommend their offerings to anyone seeking a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them.

So much gratitude to this soul family!