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STRONG Sananga Huni Kuin 15ml

STRONG Sananga Huni Kuin 15ml

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Our Sananga is pure and is prepered with lots of love.

We get it from our indigenous family of the Huni Kuin tribe of the Amazon.

Our bottles are 15ml & we offer two different intensities - STRONG & MEDIUM

Sananga is a traditional medicine of Indigenous tribes known as the guardians of the Amazon.

They have been using Sananga eye drops & other Amazonian plant medicines for generations.

They use Sananga for healing their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body’s.

Sananga helps them to improve focus by clearing out distracting energies before going on a hunt.

Not only is it known to improve our physical eyes health, it is also known to energetically cleanse & open the third eye. Which heightens our intuition, cleaning out the ego lenses, & helping us to see the world with love & clarity!

Sananga eye drops are made from the Tabernaemontana undulate shrub of South America. They take the bark from the roots of the shrub and grind it into a very fine powder, which they strain several times through mesh using freshwater.

Sananga has spiritual properties to clear out blocked energies, & is known to have neurological, psychological, emotional, mental, spiritual, & physical benefits.

Sananga has been reported to help people with severe eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, & even blindness.

Sananga’s benefits include antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties.

How to use & store:Start using 2-3 times/weekly & take a break of one week after two weeks.

It is important to refrigerate the medicine as soon as possible & to maintain refrigeration. Please note your bottle should never be out of the refrigerator for more than 48 hours. This medicine has a 6 month shelf life when kept refrigerated.

To administer the drops we recommend to find a calm & quiet place, either in nature, or at home in a peaceful setting and with meditative music. We recommend lighting a candle, burn some incense & lie down in a comfortable low light setting. It’s easiest to have a friend administer the drops, however, it can be self-administered!

Only one drop per eye is required for a powerful Sananga session.

Once medicine is applied to the eyes You may feel a burning sensation which can be quite intense when you first begin using the Sananga drops. It’s important to put the drops in both eyes quickly so it can evenly balance out the energies.

Try to not focus on the pain, surrender, relax, focus on deep breathing & allow the plant to work its magic. Connect with your body & sensations. The burning sensation will gradually lessen the more someone works with Sananga.

The burning sensation can last from 2-5 minutes. Enjoy this precious moment, take a moment to be grateful for the medicine & the people that brought these medicines to the world & most importantly Pachamama who give us everything that we need to nourish & heal.

SHAKE BEFORE USING -TAKE OUT YOUR  CONTACT LENSES before USE. Do not put on your contact lenses for an hour after applying the Sananga.

Thank you for supporting our indigenous family from the Amazon & our family business.

One Love Haux haux

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Kat Knust
Forest Medicine

"Sananga offers a unique journey into Amazonian healing traditions. This sacred eye drop, crafted by the Huni Kuin tribe, delivers a profound and purifying experience. With its potent botanical blend, it invites clarity, insight, and energetic balance.

Andre Sales
Try it

I recommend this product

Real Medicine

This is so strong and pure. I really love the Sunsoul Sananga